Normandy Open Enrollment

Next Offering July 5-8, 2018

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To British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, D-Day, the invasion of northwest Europe, “is the greatest thing that we have ever attempted.”  Historian Stephen E. Ambrose refers to D-Day, June 6, 1944 as the climactic battle of World War II.  Everything about that day was titanic.  It was the largest amphibious operation in history and was one of those defining events in world history.  Two million Allied soldiers, sailors, and airmen; almost 7,000 vessels, from battleships to landing craft; and 10,000 aircraft were assigned to Operation Overlord.  By the time that the sun set on D-Day, nearly 175,000 American, Canadian, and British troops had entered Normandy, either by air or sea, at a cost of nearly 10,000 casualties.

The Normandy Leadership Experience captures the epic story of D-Day, from Omaha and Utah beaches to Pointe du Hoc; from Arromanches, the site of the artificial harbors, to the British/Commonwealth beaches; from the American airborne landings around Ste.-Mere-Eglise to the British glider assault on Pegasus Bridge.  It is story of Allied victory, a triumph of democracy over the forces of totalitarianism in a winner-take-all combat that shaped the world in which we now live.

Who Should Attend 

The leadership training principles and concepts presented through the Normandy Experience can be tailored to meet the needs of the highest level senior leaders to the less-experienced yet rising leaders within an organization. The Normandy Leadership training experience offers universal leadership themes upon which any leader will find beneficial to his or her career growth and/or organizational aspirations.

Benefits of Program

Through our exploration of the battle, participants of the Normandy Leadership Training Experience will take away a number of benefits.  Rich in character-based leadership, this leadership lesson from history provides participants further insights into:

  • Team and coalition building
  • Selecting and developing emerging leaders
  • Managing processes
  • Using critical and creative thinking
  • Maintaining order through chaos
  • Effectively communicating and understanding intent, setting clear direction and expectations, and achieving organizational alignment

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