An In Depth Look at How We Are Different

Our most distinctive difference is the proprietary technology we utilize for the deliberate transfer of leadership insights from the experiential mode on the battlefield into specific action in the workplace. The methods, exercises, and points of reference used to guide the participants in targeting the most critical challenges in their current roles as leaders in the corporate arena, and in applying the lessons learned from their experience in history to those challenges, are the pivotal components in a unique process which ensures relevant and direct linkage of the learning experience to actions and outcomes at work. Our greatest reward for the role we play as enthusiastic instruments of learning and continuous improvement is the consistent feedback from participants citing the difference our sessions make in their results at work and their progression as leaders in their organizations.

Also, our expert facilitators and historians have a unique combination of relevant experience, and, not insignificantly, they have worked with more corporate executives and leaders than any other firm in this field. Our delivery approach is so focused on the “story” component of hi-story, that the actions and decisions of our subject leaders are brought to life in a most compelling and memorable fashion. This quality makes the internalization of content from the learning mode much more lasting through the vivid mental images of leadership effectiveness and ineffectiveness. It also heightens the emotional engagement of participants in the learning process overall. This emotional overlay to the memorable nature of the content, along with the clear mental images it conveys and lessons derived explicitly from it, reinforces a heightened sense of relevance to the application of the lessons in the business environment.

Battlefield Leadership’s additional differences include:

  • Breadth and Depth of Offerings  -- A wide range geographically-distributed Battlefield-Based Programs, including the Antietam Leadership Experience, Battle of the Bulge Leadership Experience, Chickamauga Leadership Experience, Gettysburg Leadership Experience, Little Big Horn Leadership Experience, Normandy Leadership Experience, and more.
  • Classroom-Based Experiential Programs -- Featuring battlefield-based and theme-based events and conveying the essential characters, stories, language, and leadership lessons in a framework consistent with our battlefield programs, our classroom programs have been developed to help cascade the leadership culture from the battlefield or theme experience to a broader audience of leaders in a more cost-effective way and in traditional corporate conference/meeting setting
  • Range and Diversity -- An unparallelled number of current battlefield-based and theme-based program offerings, as well as new programs that are currently in development for the future
  • The Intensity -- Of our deliberate emphasis on converting battlefield insight directly into new behavior in the workplace, our emphasis on the sustainability of benefits gained, and our provision of various forms of continuing support in the workplace (of which the classroom-based programs is one), which are geared to extend and refresh, or periodically reorient, the learnings from the original experience in the field
  • Unparalleled Depth of Experience -- In our battlefield-based staff ride leadership model of education for corporate executives and managers.  We have delivered over 500 programs to-date in both battlefield and classroom venues to thousands of corporate leaders
  • Breadth and Depth of Experience -- In organizational effectiveness and executive development consulting with corporations, beyond the scope of merely battlefield and history-based development methods
  • Length and Breadth -- Of experience in experiential learning program design and delivery
  • Depth and Variety -- Of both military and corporate management/leadership experience in both line and staff positions, domestic and international
  • Direct, First-Hand Understanding-- Of the significance of leadership in combat and its relationship to leadership under pressure for performance in the corporate environment


Another beneficial difference is our ability to custom design leadership training programs.  Upon request, we have developed custom programs of a unique nature to address specific company needs and leadership development objectives. The programs typically range from a half-day to two days in duration, and they can draw from various battles or figures from military history, as well as from historic events or national leaders whose actions in times of crisis have shaped the history of the world.

Cases and events are combined to illustrate certain principles of leadership in practice, through the experience of others, and to help participants understand experientially what constitutes effectiveness or ineffectiveness in situations paralleling contemporary business leadership challenges or dynamics.

These programs will involve various elements ranging from pre-reading or pre-viewing video to case studies, video clips, group discussions, lecturettes, facilitated reflection, and individual and group exercises to support the learning process.