Hudson Highlands

Based in a period of great uncertainty infused with a powerful vision for the future of a nation free from the oppression of foreign dominance and rule, the events occurring in the Hudson Highlands of New York State from October 1777 through October 1780 had a profound and strategically important effect on the morale of the struggling Continental Army and their control of key defensive positions along the Hudson River.  The obvious importance of the Hudson River as the main transportation artery for supplies in the colonies, as well as its natural positioning as an invasion route from Canada, made the need for the establishment, recapture and strengthening of defenses along its length a paramount strategic objective for the Continentals.

Participants will explore key terrain throughout the area and examine the locations General George Washington and his staff, operating out of his field headquarters near Newburgh, NY, assessed in an attempt to re-establish or gain control of vital defensive positions.  A feature of the program will be the Battle of Stony Point, given the nickname “Little Gibraltar” by the British, in which General “Mad Anthony” Wayne and his intrepid soldiers gained control, in a single evening, of decisive terrain to permanently remove British pressure in the area.  Highly interactive case studies will focus on Washington, General Sir Henry Clinton, General Anthony Wayne, General Benedict Arnold, and Lieutenant Colonel Henry Johnson in examining the Colonial offensives in the greater Hudson River Valley area. 


Leadership Lessons

Leadership lessons and practices highlighted in the Hudson Highlands Leadership Experience will include:

  • Developing team cohesion in a time-sensitive situation
  • Converting vision into a realistic plan while understanding the importance of flexibility, adaptability, and continual reassessment
  • Effectively utilizing competitive intelligence
  • Improving cross-functional alignment and cooperation

Second in a series of Revolutionary War programs focusing on the leadership of George Washington, this program is located approximately 30 miles northwest of New York City.  For sessions exceeding one day in duration lodging will be recommended in a suitable facility in the area.  The ideal format will include three main content segments over a two-night, 1.5 day period.  A One-day program will typically begin at the Stony Point Battlefield State Park, approximately 25 miles northwest of Manhattan, for groups traveling from New York City.  Each program will conclude with a final After Action Review (AAR), linking insights from the experience of leadership in historic events directly with parallel dynamics and situations in the business context.