The single bloodiest day in American military history, the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg, Maryland) serves as an exemplary model for evaluating and analyzing a multitude of leadership practices and characteristics which can be directly applied to the leadership acumen needed for today’s business environment.

On Sept. 16, 1862 Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan and his Union Army of the Potomac confronted Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia at Sharpsburg, Maryland. At dawn on Sept. 17, Maj. General Joseph Hooker’s Union corps mounted a powerful assault on Lee’s left flank that began the Battle of Antietam.  Over the course of the day and into the following day, 87,000 Union troops and 45,000 Confederate troops waged vicious warfare. The Battle of Antietam was marked by heroic attacks, counterattacks and leadership decisions that were of both short-term and long-term consequence.

Who Should Attend

The leadership training principles and concepts presented through the Antietam Leadership Experience can be tailored to meet the needs of the highest level senior leaders to the less-experienced yet rising leaders within an organization.  The Antietam Leadership training experience offers universal leadership themes upon which any leader will find beneficial to his or her career growth and/or organizational aspirations.

Methodology & Delivery

Participants to the Antietam Leadership Experience typically arrive in the afternoon to one of our selected hotels in the nearby area.  In the evening, an introduction and strategic overview of the battle is provided by our lead facilitators.  Throughout the program we visit several key location and discuss the situations, character and events which shaped this epic battle. By knowing what they knew and seeing what they saw, the experience “comes to life” in the present, and the emphasis in learning is focused on the how and why behind the events and actions in the battle, rather than on the tactics themselves.

Leadership Elements Explored

Participants in the Antietam Leadership Experience will be able to understand various dimensions of critical leadership skill which they can effectively and immediately apply to the real pressing challenges of their workplace environment. Those specific areas of competency include:

  • Maintaining strategic focus and perspective
  • Capitalizing on momentum
  • Managing risks
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Leveraging resources for effective execution
  • Ensuring clarity of intent
  • Managing conflict
  • Creating alignment
  • Driving execution and results
  • Inspiring others to action
  • Capitalizing on opportunities
  • Understanding individual vs. team success

Benefits of Program

Through our exploration and analysis, participants of the Antietam Leadership Experience will take away a number of benefits.  Rich in character-based leadership, this leadership lesson from history provides participants further insights into:

  • The role of leaders in shaping the future
  • Building and sustaining teams
  • Managing processes
  • Nurturing learning
  • Managing order through chaos
  • Effectively communicating and understanding intent, setting clear direction and expectations, and achieving organizational alignment

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